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Fountains and Water Features

Vatten Tech offers a wide variety of Decorative Fountains such as Indoor Decorative Fountains and Outdoor Decorative Fountains. Designed in accordance with latest market trends, our range finds a wide application in Water parks, Gardens, Housing Society of Buildings, Business centers etc. These are appreciated for exquisite designs and beautiful patterns.

Using combination of various Fountain Nozzles, Water Falls and Colourful Lights we can create the environment you will fall in love with. 

We are having the following variety of Fountains
Programmable Fountains 
Musical Dancing Fountains
Custom Made Fountains 
Floating Fountains
Rolling Sphere
RGB LED Light Effects in Fountains

Custom Made Fountain:This type of fountain made according the requirement and specification of an Individual which can be any shape any type. Built your fountain from or have us prefabricate and shape it.
Programmable Fountain:We hold wide expertise in offering Programmable Fountains designed suing advanced technology. Our Programmable Fountains is automatically controlled and the water comes out after a set time interval without any need of manual handling. These types of fountains are specially designed and programmed electronically and lot's of physics involved and handled by experts to make programmable chip devices for different shape and style at the time of fountain. These types of fountain a bit costly and hi-tech. these types of fountain maintained by not only pressure with the pump but with the pressure of compressed air.
Musical Dancing Fountains:We have a huge range of musical fountains, which automatically operate by a musical control system. The Music Fountain employs a kind of on-spot industrial control system that incorporates the latest advanced scientific technologies prevailing around the world, including music control, programmable control and intelligent control technologies. The master control system of the music fountain consisting of multi-media industrial computers, is capable to recognize the melody, rhythm, volume and frequency of the music pieces and realize the real-time control of the whole system and the synchronization of water and music. It is set up with the convenient operation interfaces and has the function of programming music tracks.