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Water Proofing services

We are a renowned organization, engaged in offering a wide range of Water Proofing Services to our esteemed clients. The services offered under this profile include crystalline waterproofing services, polymer (cementitious) waterproofing services, injections waterproofing services, membrane waterproofing services and bituminous water proofing services. These services work to offer enhanced performance against not only positive and negative water pressures, but also osmotic pressure. Our Water Proofing Services are widely used to assure water tightness in water tanks and reservoirs, building basements & foundations, swimming pools and water parks. The services offered by us encompass: Injection Water Proofing The Injection Waterproofing Service that we offer is used to fill and seal various cracks as well as crevices in architectural structures. We use only high quality material in our processes, which is made of a low viscous methyl acrylate & polyurethane compound. Our Injection Waterproofing services are reliable and have gained immense appreciation from our valued clients.
Crystalline Water Proofing Our expertise helps us in offering excellent Crystalline Waterproofing Services and this has made us a name to reckon with in the industry. These services are an ideal way to reduce water seepage or leakage, especially where the water table is high. Moisture can penetrate through cracks, joints, honeycombs & pinholes, which is why our scientifically proven active waterproofing systems along with the Crystalline Waterproofing system, are highly effective for repair related works.
Crystalline Water Proofing With the method of crystallization, combined with joint treatment, active volume expandable systems and injection, we are able to offer effective solutions for treating joints. These are known to have viscosity, which tends towards water. The waterproofing with crystallization enables the system to offer 100 % assured water tightness to the structure. The products that we use in our processes contain quality additives, which are extremely useful and work as a catalyst in the formation of waterinsoluble crystalline.
Membrane Water Proofing Membrane Water Proofing services offered are extensively used for waterproofing of terraces, roof lawns, parking decks and ramps. Further, these find application in the efficient sealing of water tanks, as well as for the protection of bridge decks, tunnels, cooling towers and high water heads. The compounds we use for waterproofing are resistant to chlorides and other corrosive substances.
Bituminous Water Proofing We provide Bituminous Waterproofing Services with the assistance of our dedicated and trained professionals. These services are used by our clients to protect a pre-existing structure from any kind of seepage. This bituminous coating is brittle at low temperature and soft at high temperature. Spray Applied Polyurethane Based Membranes We are engaged in providing polymer (cementitious) Waterproofing Services, which are in high demand in architectural, structural and hydro projects and shopping complexes. In order to provide efficient waterproofing services, we make use of greater flexibility high tensile and elongation polymer, which is capable of sustaining a puncture of any hard material. These polymers are resistant against UV rays, corrosion and other chemicals, which facilitate the assurance of a long service life.